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Welcome to the world of renouvo(formerly 100%ZHI). We focus on the R&D of natural waste plant-based materials to replace petrochemical plastics, and actively respond to SDGs13 “Climate Action” and SDGs12 “Responsible Production and Consumption” to create a carbon-reduction and sustainable life.



The founder and R&D director of renouvo has been engaged in the field of “plant fiber materialization” for more than 10 years and has passed several patents on environmental friendly materials with the goal of creating a low-carbon economy business model and promoting the reuse of agricultural wastes in different countries.

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Rethinking and redesigning products

Countries around the world are committed to the transformation of green economy and ecology, and circular economy is aimed at the reduction and prohibition of plastic products.We make food containers from plant-based materials. After use, they can be decomposed and returned to nature through the biological recycling system.

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Green Hub

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