2020 “Taiwan International Water Week (TIWW)” and “Circular Economy Taiwan(CE Taiwan)” Coffee grounds and environmentally friendly tableware of Ju Tian CleanTech attracted much attention

The 2020 “Taiwan International Water Week (TIWW)” and “Circular Economy Taiwan (CE Taiwan)” will be exhibited at Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 from September 24 to 26. Yuxia Shi, director of Department of Exhibition, Taiwan External Trade Development Council, said in her speech that, “In the face of global warming, limited earth resources and water shortage crisis, the second “Taiwan International Water Week” and ” Circular Economy Taiwan” held this year will focus on the corporate social responsibility and 3R (Reuse,Reduce and Replace) issues. Adopt the O2O (Online To Offline) method of virtual reality integration, host online and offline exhibitions and integrated marketing activities, and continue to create international market business opportunities for domestic exhibitors.” In addition to the online exhibition hall, video one-to-one procurement negotiation, global government procurement business opportunity procurement negotiation, and W Stage popular product launch meeting, “TIWW X CE Taiwan ON AIR” was launched on TTS D’Channel at the Taiwan Trade Shows on the second day of the exhibition (September 25) at 11:00am and 5:00pm for the first time. In addition, Pei-Li Chen, the director secretary of the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), the largest exhibitor of this year’s Circular Economy Taiwan, attended the press conference. Pei-Li Chen said that this time, the Industrial Development Bureau led 14 industries to build the “Circular Economy Theme Pavilion of Industry Development Bureau” with the theme of “Rooted in Taiwan and Deep Cultivation of Circulation” to demonstrate the application of the circular economy from all aspects of life. The “Recycling Footwear Industry Cooperation Agreement ” was signed on the stage of the exhibition. Circular economy is an important policy of the government’s 5+2 Industrial Transformation Plan. The sustainable development of enterprises will be the consensus and goal of continuous promotion in the future.

The Taiwan External Trade Development Council said that index units of government-industry-university-institute gathered this year, and the exhibitors who were the first to appear at the press conference had their characteristics. For example, Ju Tian Cleantech won a gold medal at the French inventions at Montpellier Concours Lepine in France with its “100% ZHI” technology, and exhibited the research and development of coffee grounds straws and environmentally friendly tableware made from plant fibers that can be naturally decomposed. Alex Tsai, general manager of Ju Tian, said, “Taiwan is the most popular place to drink coffee. We can make good use of discarded coffee grounds to make high-quality, non-toxic and environmentally friendly cups, plates, and tableware. After use, they will naturally be decomposed and are completely harmless to the natural environment. The concept is very popular in Europe and the United States. If everyone has such a concept of environmental protection, we can get more protection for Taiwan’s beautiful mountains, water, and ecological environment.” Ju Tian has not only environmentally friendly tableware made from coffee grounds, but also the R&D and utilization of grape pomace (with the cooperation of French wine industries, and then be turned into environmentally friendly desks and chairs) and bagasse, don’t miss it. (Photo: TIWW X CE Taiwan in 2020 (from left to right) Deputy Chief Engineering Division Guangzhi Chang of the Water Resources Agency, MOEA, Yuxia Shi, Director of Department of Exhibition,Taiwan External Trade Development Council, and Pei-Li Chen, Director Secretary of the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA)

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