Bagasse technology could replace traditional straws to save pearl milk tea

Sugarcane Fiber Straws Are Not Only Reusable But Also Soil-Degradable

Sugarcane Fiber Straw (Reproduced from 100% ZHI (/Plant/) Facebook page) 

The EPA will implement a “single-use plastic straws are prohibited” policy from July 1. A group of Taiwanese entrepreneurs developed the “sugarcane fiber straw” to successfully allow people to have fun sucking on pearls while caring for the earth’s ecology.

“100% ZHI (/Plant/)” located at Central Taiwan Innovation Campus, MOEA in Zhongxing New Village, has been developing plant fibers since last year and has successfully developed sugarcane fiber straws that are not only reusable but also decompose in the soil.

Founder Chien-Chung Huang told the media that when the company first started to produce, it was rejected by the plastic factories as “unusable”. It took many modifications to the machine before the sugarcane fiber straws were introduced. In addition, the team is currently negotiating with French wineries from grape pomace and spent grain for product development.

Faced with the abuse and ban of the universal plastic resources, the technology of sugar cane fiber straws has undoubtedly become the target of competition. As a result, the team has received more than 20 invitations from Chinese manufacturers to buy out the technology at a high price, but they are all rejected by the team who insisted on the concept of local R&D.

This technology is currently patented and in mass-production.