Chien-chung Huang won the Potential Award for Star of Social Enterprise

The sugarcane straws developed by Chien-chung Huang’s team were sold to 26 countries around the world, and under the arrangement of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, they were invited to Canada to participate in the exhibition to endorse Taiwan’s innovative products. The photo/Chaoyang University of Technology provided

Straws made from bagasse and coffee grounds, and the remaining grape pomace from winemaking into desks and chairs. The recycling of this agricultural waste is a major breakthrough in promoting a green circular economy. Chien-chung Huang, who developed this patented technology, and his company, Ju Tian Cleantech, won the Potential Award at Star of Social Enterprise in the 2020 CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Award recently announced by Global Views Monthly, attracting attention from all parties.

Due to concerns about environmental issues such as global climate change, Paris Agreement, the harm caused by plastic products to the environment and the ocean, Chien-chung Huang, CEO of Ju Tian Cleantech, graduated from the Chaoyang University of Technology(CYUT) with a master’s degree in the department of Applied Chemistry. After graduation, he successfully started a business and launched a brand of healthy natural food utensils that replaces plastic 100% with eco-friendly materials with the assistance of the Innovation Incubation Center of the Office of Industry-Academia Collaboration. Among products, sugarcane fiber straws developed with bagasse, which can withstand low temperatures of minus 20 degrees Celsius, have obtained a number of patents and international certifications. It has been sold to 26 countries worldwide, with sales reaching 6 million units.

Chien-chung Huang said that he is very grateful to Ms. Yeng-Fong Shih and Director Wei-Jiung Chien from the department of Applied Chemistry, Chaoyang University of Technology. For their cultivation, he can use the majors he has learned to turn bagasse and plant fibers into cups and bowls, straws, forks and spoons. Products have been passed SGS and other food safety testing and international biodegradable certification; and with the assistance of Jane Liu, deputy director of the Office of Industry-Academia Collaboration, he has successfully obtained various industrial resources, successfully started a business, entered the Chaoyang Innovation Incubation Center and linked the European market. In recent years, he has won the gold medal and the Special Jury Award at the 2018 Montpellier Concours Lépine in France, the 2019 Taipei SElect (Taipei City Social Enterprise) , and the 2020 Taiwan Excellence Award. Under the arrangement of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, he was invited to the Globe 2020 The Business Summit with Global Impact in Vancouver, Canada.

Daoming Zheng, president of Chaoyang University of Technology, said that due to the emphasis on the practice of university social responsibility, the school has participated in local care, talent cultivation, environmental protection, and other aspects of efforts for many years, and has achieved results. There are three indicators that make CYUT into the top 100 of University Impact Rankings by Times Higher Education in the world, and it ranks first in the private technical profession of the USR University Citizenship Award by the Commonwealth magazine. He is very happy that alumnus Chien-chung Huang won the Potential Award at Star of Social Enterprise Global Views Monthly. In the future, Chien-chung Huang will jointly establish a research and development base with the school to promote environmental sustainability and create new opportunities for friendly industries.