Taiwan won eight gold medals in Concours Lépine Méditerranéen Montpelier! The judges praise technology for being close to life

Do Rui, chairman of the Paris Invention Exhibition, presented the gold medal for the invention of bagasse tableware, led by Xu Jiezhong (right) and Lai Zuosong (left 2). Wu Zhizhong (left), the representative to France, was invited as the guest of honor. Photo by Central News Agency reporter Zeng Tingxuan in Paris May 9, 2022

(Central News Agency reporter Zeng Tingxuan in Paris on the 8th special telegram) The 121st Paris International Exhibition of Inventions will present awards tonight. Taiwan has 50 patented creations participating in the exhibition, and won a total of 8 gold medals, which is a dazzling performance. Taiwan’s works this year focus on safety and environmental protection, the chairman of the jury told the Central News Agency that they saw the founder’s spirit in Taiwan’s inventions.
Concours Lépine, the world’s oldest invention exhibition, is entering its 121st year. It will be held at the Porte de Versailles from April 28 to May 9, and the awards will be held on the evening of the 8th. ceremony. Wu Zhizhong, the representative of Taiwan in France, was invited as the guest of honor and sat next to the judge.
Among the more than 400 inventions exhibited this year, the Taiwanese delegation made great achievements and won a total of 8 gold medals. Due to the large number of entrants and awards, the list of silver and bronze medal winners for foreign inventors will be announced on May 9.
The eight award-winning inventions are a hand-washing detection box that detects and cleans by developing methods, a water curtain bus stop with both cooling and air purification, reusable bagasse tableware, removable and waterproof LED underwater fish light, E+ Automatic shut-off device for gas stove, sooze comb with comb teeth that can be retracted for easy hair removal, nasal mask with built-in filter for nasal congestion, Taiwan forestry environment-friendly carbon-free table and chair set.
Xu Jiezhong, head of the Taiwan delegation to the Paris Invention Exhibition, told the Central News Agency that the 50 patent creations this time are divided into two main axes: corporate social responsibility (ESG) for emission reduction and plastic reduction, home safety for electricity and fire.
Since 1929, the International Exhibition of Inventions in Paris has been invited to be held together with the Foire de Paris, which has been held since 1904. Therefore, many local and European tourists participated in the Invention Exhibition.
Xu Jiezhong, who is also the design director of the Color Fashion Association of the Republic of China, said: “People can quickly understand the meaning of Taiwanese works, because inventions are very approachable, and even some things can be purchased immediately, which makes people feel of identity. This shows that Taiwanese daily life wisdom is not limited to heavy-duty or high-end equipment such as industries or chips, the small inventions of life in Taiwan should also be seen by the world.”
Xu Jiezhong said that since the invention exhibition is held together with the international exposition, it is very suitable for market verification and to understand the needs and feedback of Europeans for invention products. “This is a major point for inventors to come here.”
Lai Zuosong, the general counsel of the delegation who facilitated the visit of Gerard Dorey, the chairman of the Paris Invention Exhibition, to Taiwan in 2010 and promoted Taiwan to participate in the exhibition every year, told reporters that Taiwan has participated in the exhibition for 12 years and is the largest delegation. “Everyone thinks that Taiwan’s technology is great. It can combine high technology with environmental protection, hygiene, and safety. Taiwan has an advantage in contributing to human inventions.”
René Lavergne, who has chaired the jury for 15 years, said in an interview with Central News Agency: “We are very happy to have Taiwan’s participation and appreciate Taiwan’s inventions because they have the spirit of Lepin’s Invention Exhibition, which is to Serving daily life with inventions. All judges saw the founder’s spirit in Taiwanese works.”
“Unlike other delegations that are more industrial and difficult to market or verify. Taiwan’s inventions are well understood and evaluated, so we like the Taiwan delegation because they brought exactly what we were looking for.”
In 1901, Paris Police Chief Louis Lépine organized the “Paris Toys and Objects Exhibition” in order to increase the competitiveness of French creative manufacturers. In the following year, it was renamed “Lei Ping Invention Exhibition”, and the Chinese customary was translated into “Paris International Invention Exhibition”.
Thousands of inventions from around the world gather in Paris exhibitions and competitions every year to jointly promote technological innovation and invention. In the past 121 years, inventions such as ballpoint pens (ballpoint pens), portable vacuum cleaners, steam irons, and electric wheelchairs have all come to the fore in this competition. (Editor: Guo Zhonghan) 20220509

The Paris International Exhibition of Inventions is held in conjunction with the International Expo to attract tourists from all over the world. Michèle Sabban of the International Climate Organization R20 in the United States is very interested in loofah works. Taiwanese manufacturers use loofah instead of bubble cloth, and use it as shoe support and insole with low carbon footprint. (Provided by Xu Jiezhong) Fax by Zeng Tingxuan, reporter of Central News Agency, May 9, 2022

Li Yunqi (left) and Li Yishan (left 2) won the gold medal for the bus stop plate with both cooling and air purifying water curtains. This equipment can reduce the temperature of bus stops in summer, purify the exhaust gas emitted by automobiles, and improve the quality of the urban environment. Photo by Central News Agency reporter Zeng Tingxuan in Paris May 9, 2022

Wang Renzong (left) won the gold medal at this year’s Paris International Invention Exhibition with the LED underwater fish collection lamp. The invention will help ocean fishing operations and reduce environmental damage due to LED lamps. Photo by Central News Agency reporter Zeng Tingxuan in Paris May 9, 2022

Liu Junting (left) and Hu Junyan (2nd from left) received the gold award from Dory, chairman of the Paris Invention Exhibition. E+ auto-off can automatically turn off gas stoves and other devices, greatly enhancing home safety. Photo by Central News Agency reporter Zeng Tingxuan in Paris May 9, 2022